What is an automation segment? 

An automation segment is measured by the number of Software APIs we need to string together.  For example, if we need to connect ChatGPT to LinkedIn to automatically reply to messages on LinkedIn, that would be one Automation Segment.

How many clients do you take per city? 

We understand the tools we use and the services we provide can give any business an edge over their competition.  This is why we only work with three businesses in a certain city.  If we are contacting you that's because we have not started working with anyone in your area yet :)

Can you give me an example of your refund policy? 

Dan has x serivice and needs x to x done in automation. SolutionLab.AI builds out x through x but is unable to build out x to x. Dan's total refund amount is X. 


Dans total cost: 9800 for the Tier 2 10 sales rep / 5 automation annually plan:

- $1000 for sales rep course/support access. 

Remaining $8800 / 5 = 1760 per automation segment.

4 segments completed: $7040


1 segment not completed: $1760 

= Total amount refunded: $1760

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